Welcome to the MyParkingCharge Gateway

We specialise in the processing, management and collection of Charge Notices on behalf of Car Park Operators and other Clients. Our core focus is to deliver an efficient end to end service handling appeals, representations and payments of Charge Notices, providing the Motorist an improved service and quality of communication in dealing with these Charges.

Our main objectives are:

  1. Improve the Quality of Service to the Motorist. We recognise that motorists do not intentionally set out to incur a Charge Notice, however the aim of our service is to provide sufficient information to the motorist, to enable them to understand why the contravention was recorded and make an informed decision.

  2. Consistent Approach. We work on behalf of our Clients to ensure that each motorist is dealt with fairly and informed of the process in accordance with the appropriate Code of Practice for the relevant Accredited Trade Association.

  3. Bi-Directional Accountability. As part of our service we understand that there has to be accountability. When a Motorist is issued a Charge Notice, the issuing Operator or Company has to be accountable to ensure that the contravention is recorded appropriately and correctly, likewise the Motorist has to be accountable for when they have clearly breached any Terms & Conditions.

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Who we are

Welcome to the MyParkingCharge online processing gateway. The MyParkingCharge gateway provides a convenient and easy to use processing portal between Motorists and our Clients. Our specialist services provide seamless integration and processing of a range of services, including the processing, appeal review and collection of Charge Notices for both Car Park Operators, Private Land Owners and Local Authorities.

What we do

The MyParkingCharge gateway service is designed to enable Motorists to securely access details regarding a Notice recorded by one of our Clients and review the information regarding the recorded contravention. The MyParkingCharge gateway then provides a convenient means to Appeal/Challenge the contravention or make a Payment using our secure payment system.

If you have received a Notice through the post, an appeal MUST be registered within 21 days beginning with the day after the Issue Date shown on the Notice. If you wish to retain the option of a discounted payment (if stated on the front of the Notice), your appeal MUST be registered within 14 days. Late appeals and postal appeals will not be accepted unless there are exceptional mitigating circumstances AND at our discretion.

Appeals/Challenges MUST be made online through this portal – Appeals/Challenges will not be accepted our discussed by telephone.

Benefits of our service

For Motorists who use the MyParkingCharge service, the system will allow individuals to view the details regarding the issue and status of the recorded contravention, make an informed decision as to whether they have a valid or reasonable grounds to appeal or challenge the recorded contravention and if so make an immediate appeal which places the process on hold.

For those Motorists not wanting to appeal or not having valid grounds to appeal, then the system allows quick and easy payment of the Charge and helps to avoid any additional inconvenience or further costs being incurred.

To access the recorded contravention details, please enter the following information from the Notification received.


Please enter the Serial No. in full including any prefix (e.g. EPS / VCS / etc.)

Please enter the Registration of the Vehicle which incurred the Notice.

* Mandatory fields